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“Our Team
Believes Each
Burial Is
‘Grand Finale’”
-Anitra Tilghman-

Return With Honor

Our Mission

To help reduce recidivism and create jobs for unemployed veterans.

Our Vision

To compile program-level criminal justice data while reducing recidivism and enhancing lives, by creating gainful employment opportunities and replicating our workforce cemetery industry training and development program for people who have served in the military and ex-offenders across America.

About Us

The newly launched non profit “Return with Honor” hires people who have served in the military to train and manage those who are on house arrest, work release, probation, parole or weekend jail and gives them an alternative to failing back into bad habits due to a lack of steady work and/ or skills. This unique program gives those who need a contemporary way to stimulate social-emotional development, build character, earn community service hours, receive transferable skills and the possibility of being offered full time employment after graduation.

Through this program we address several social ills such as: economic development, recidivism/ prision reform, unemployment especially amongst veterans, at risk youth, and the rising cost of funeral and cemetery costs. Given the workforce and skill shortages in the cemetery industry it is apparent, that this program will create a vital pipeline for the community while meeting critical needs.

Return with Honor seeks to lower unemployment among veterans by giving those returning from military service gainful employment, as well as reduce recidivism by giving those who have had issues with the law and finding gainful employment, transferable skills with the possibility of full time employment upon graduation. This happens all while shaping productive, positive citizens in the process.

This workforce development plan “Bridges the Gap of Labor” by teaching transferable skills in an industry that will never go away. Forklift, loader, backhoe and tractor operation, laser engraving, hand art etching, inscription, concrete manufacturing, cemetery apparel design, and cemetery services.

Our Veterans will use a variety of teaching and training methods for participants to build their own understanding through real world applications and interactions with their peers in many cooperative group activities.

Participants of the program will learn to manufacture concrete, DOT certified concrete burial containers and vaults, design well-crafted headstones, benches, statues, columbariums, mausoleums and more for all Nationalities, Religions & Languages. Additionally, services are provided for all funeral homes, cemeteries and the local public. Our products are made of concrete, marble, granite, bronze and other durable materials and can be designed in any shape, size or color.

Return With Honor provides reentry services such as: transportation, housing, training transferable skills, mentorship also creates research data to support how this program has decreased recidivism helped families, and built stronger communities.

Our sustainable plan will enhance economic development, allow families to stay together, and create a historical landmark to display the 10 commandments forever. We have taken the first steps, but we need you to donate, sponsor or participate! Give us a call to find out more at 1-877- 828-5826 or visit our website at